CBC Handbell Choir

CBC Handbells

Handbells first came to the Baptist Church of Danielson in the early 1980's. There were two full octaves, which is the usual "starter set" and Rev. Pechano was the bell choir's first director. According to Ruth Hochstetter, who was one of the first bell choir members, they played occasionally for a while and the bells eventually ended up in the closet.  Chris Southam rescued the bells from a corner of the closet in 1996, after hearing a bell choir play during one of Chris and Larry's  vacation trips.  She jump-started and directed the new bell-choir for five years through church services, bell choir festivals and ecumenical programs in the area. Chris's enthusiasm got us up and ringing!  The two-octave set consisted of 24 bells and required eight ringers.

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CBC Handbells

We expanded by adding a third octave in 2001, thanks to a Memorial Fund gift from the Chandler family. This new set added 12 more bells which can be rung by a total of eleven ringers. The third octave allows a greater choice in music and a fuller sound when all bells are in use.

There are several manufacturers of hand bells- Malmark, Whitchapel, Schulmerach. Each has a slightly different tone. Many large church choirs have up to six different sets of bells.   Ours are made by Schulmerach... they do have a nice clear crisp sound... most of the time!  Cost- 3 octaves $7000, 4th octave $3300, 5th octave $6000 I 6th & 7th-"call for prices".

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